Have you ever wanted a game that stimulates your brain instead of turning it to mush? A game that's easy to use? A game with no expensive upgrades, no being forced to unlock content, and no spending hundreds of dollars on trying to beat levels? That's why we created #Guess.

#Guess is so simple that anyone could pick it up and start using it right away! The object of the game is to guess the correct number. When you guess a number, your device will tell you if it's too high or too low. Our #Guess users have reported that the game is actually quite fun!

The game has been specifically designed to stimulate your brain and improve your math skills, but without frustration. While other games may be complicated, all of the levels of #Guess are similar enough that you always know what to do. And if you do get stuck on a level, just use a Solution to get the number instantly.

But you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars, or even a single cent on Solutions: #Guess has plenty of mini-games where you can win them for free! You can also win a whole bunch of extra Guesses, which give you one more try each to guess the number. And some mini-games give you Points too, which can be redeemed for Guesses and Solutions.

So stimulate your brain with #Guess.


Price: $0.99 
Languages: EN
Released: 2016-10-05 12:37:20
Updated: 2017-02-06 22:11:34
Version: 3.1
Seller: David Sianez
Size: 23.78 MB