4Rotors - Rotorcraft Business Journal (EHA)

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4ROTORS focuses on the European Helicopter industry mainly and covers all topics concerning the rotorcraft business. 4ROTORS - epaper addresses the four columns of rotorcraft aviation in Europe
AIR RESCUE: 4ROTORS reaches out to all the members of the European Air Rescue sector.
POLICE AVIATION: 4ROTORS shadows the operation within the parapublic rotorcraft sector.
OFFSHORE AVIATION: 4ROTORS talks about latest developments in the offshore segment.
MILITARY: 4ROTORS is at the front line where helicopters take action.
Take a sneak peak insight 4ROTORS covers most actual and important topics of the European rotorcraft industry.
Besides a reliable news coverage 4ROTORS comes along with unique stories and interviews which helps to understand coherences more clearly. It's own industry features make 4ROTORS a new powerful information resource for the European rotorcraft community.

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