Christmas Survival Stickers

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If you only plan on using one sticker pack this holiday, we've got you covered.
With 29 varied stickers covering the range from 'All I want...' to 'Season's Greetings' to party invites to thank you messages you'll find something day by day. 

What's more, 13 of the stickers are animated stylishly to emphasise their meanings, including a quivering cat's paw as it reaches for a bird, bobbing houses wishing you a happy new year and a blinking, befuddled Santa.

- 13 animated, large stickers
- 16 static, large stickers
- A wide range of useful phrases
- Detailed VoiceOver support

Examples of VoiceOver text:
- A cat is reaching out with a quivering paw, trying hard to reach the robin perched on the end of the fir tree branch. The cat says that All it wants for Christmas is that annoying bird.
- Penguin Bo has taken his teddy bear to visit his friend, a polar bear, up in the north pole. This sticker appears to be a postcard.
- A cartoonish Christmas tree bursts up from its stump into a bright green display with a yellow star on top and presents underneath

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Languages: EN
Released: 2016-11-09 00:28:27
Updated: 2017-11-19 20:56:58
Version: 1.11
Seller: Panadda Sheppard
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