Penguin Bo 2 Animated Bird Stickers for Messages

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Penguin Bo comes to life in 24 action-packed, smooth animations that you'll fall in love with. Every sticker has been highly optimized to provide detail, clarity and smoothness not seen elsewhere.

- 24 animated stickers (go to to see them in action)
- Optimized to allow up to 58 frames without losing the quality you associate with our stickers.
- Amazing character in every animation
- Includes 4 winter-themed stickers
- Detailed VoiceOver for users of Accessibility

Examples of VoiceOver text:
- Something seems to be prodding from behind the screen. Now a beak appears and rips through. Penguin pops his head through with outstretched wings and beams with happiness as he says Hello.
- Penguin Bo is swinging a gold disc. You are feeling sleepy. Very sleepy. Oh, Bo fell off is chair backwards and is snoring quietly.
- A bouncing ball is careering towards you at a rate of knots. As it comes closer we can make out a purple shape and then suddenly. Penguin Bo is standing proudly with wings outstretched. I'm here.

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Price: $1.99 
Languages: EN
Released: 2016-11-23 01:26:36
Version: 1.0
Seller: Panadda Sheppard
Size: 6.42 MB