Stickers 2 Fitness 

Express your emotions with these fun Fitness Stickers. 

Respond to messages with NEW expressions.

Motivate your friends and family in a new and creative way!

Quickly reply to messages with Stickers, like a "26.2" "140.6" "Follow your dreams" "You can do it" "Swim, Bike, Run" and MANY more.

100+ Fitness Stickers included
Red Bubbles
Red Hearts
IM 140.6 Stickers (U.S Races Only) 
Motivational Quotes
5k 10k 13.1 26.2 70.3 140.6 Stickers and Trophies 

There are no in-app purchases 
There are no adds

Swim - Bike - Run - Eat - Sleep - Repeat

See you on the course!

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