Jungle Book & Fun Activities

Jungle Book And Fun Activities app contains an ideal amount of unobstructed information to help memorizing information about names of animals for the children of 2 years to 12 years. Jungle book and fun activities app are specially designed to fulfil the need of guardians to memorize the names of animals to their children.

Jungle Book And Fun Activities app include three main activities for kids

1.       Flashcards

2.       Word puzzle with train

3.       MCQs


Flashcards for kids is a fantastic educational tool for teaching kids. When we jungle flashcards, we searched for animals for the ones on the card. All animals are from any jungle or zoo.  

Jungle flashcards include the option of tap and learn activity.

Tap & Learn: Spelling and pronunciation (interactive activity).

Word puzzle with train

Word puzzle with train game is an amazing learning game for Younger to learn and memorize the names of different animals.  The main purpose of this game is to help children to memorize spelling of names of animals in a fun game. It is a pure educational tool in which children play, enjoy and learn all at one time.

The child drags the alphabets on the train carriage wagons to form the correct spelling of the animal name. Word puzzle with train contains beautiful graphics, animation, correct pronunciations, and sound effects.


Multiple-choice quiz tests your animal knowledge with questions. Choose the correct answer for each question.  To help children in learning about various animals with ease, given here is an animal picture quiz. Here children will see the pictures of animals along with four options, out of they will have to identify the correct name of the animal.


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