Arcades Fish Gathering

"Arcade fishing" is a game for millions of players to take a competitive game of leisure!
The exquisite picture made by the master of the designer will take you to experience the atmosphere of the arcade fishing, the playback hall play, and the wonderful experience.
In addition to the classic fishing, there are also a variety of interesting classic games, waiting for you to experience.
[game features]
Major: 100 percent transplantation of the game hall fishing, the most classic experience.
True: real millions of players of the same platform, a lot of local tyrants, many beautiful women, fishing to make friends two.
Stimulation: in addition to the classic play, more exciting advanced play, such as you to challenge;
Novelty: original thief fish, color gold fish, play is the heartbeat;
The most capricious game of fishing in 2018, you are out of the way. New play, not the same excitement, come to experience it quickly!

Price: Free
Languages: EN, ZH
Released: 2018-01-10 22:13:17
Version: 1.0
Seller: Ganzhu Jiang
Size: 26.01 MB