Video Capture The Moment

With Video Capture The Moment you don't need to record one long video waiting for action and editing the video later. 
Set the buffer (or use default 5 seconds buffer), wait for the event, press record. The app will save existing buffer. When you press stop you can either wait for whole buffer being saved or you can press again and keep just that event.
You can use mini view showing you what is in the buffer. This is useful if you just want to record exactly the moment you have been waiting to happen.
This app is great for sports, training or capturing funny moments.
It will save you time of boring long video editing.
Important: Because the app buffers frames in the memory you need to manually adjust phone orientation, when current device orientation doesn't match buffer orientation the button will turn red and start blinking. You can update orientation by pressing this button. It will reset and rebuild the buffer!

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2018-01-10 00:34:54
Version: 1.0
Seller: michal bojanowicz
Size: 20.66 MB