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云摄像机操作终端,通过本软件可以随时随地的查看远程云端摄像机清晰、实时的远程视频。云监控有以下特点:1.先进架构:高可靠性,高保密性。2.傻瓜式安装:直接连接电源和网线即可,会使用手机即会安装。3.应用广泛:婴儿、老人、宠物看护,工厂、店面、家庭监控防盗。4.功能齐全:远程实时360°监控、视频录像、图片抓拍、语音监听对讲、报警监测。5.支持出厂设备的WIFI 配对模式,进行设备配置以及视频观看。6.支持二维码扫描安装软件以及扫描设备登录
Description: you can check clearness and real time of remote video through PTZ camera operation terminal whenever and wherever.  Advantages of CMS:1. advanced architecture-high reliability and security.2.plug-and play,easy installation.3.wide application:baby,elderly,pet,factory,shop and home surveillance.4.Complete functions: 360 ° remote real-time monitoring, video, images, video capture, voice to monitor intercom, alarm monitoring.5.Support the WIFI matching mode for factory equipment, equipment configuration and video viewing.6.Support QR code scanning and installing software and scanning equipment to log in


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Languages: EN, JA, ZH
Released: 2018-01-10 19:31:11
Version: 1.0
Seller: DA HU
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