two to nine cards, calculated according to their origin; K, Q, J and ten cards are counted as ten points (generally recorded as T, that means ten); A card (ace) For eleven points, decided by the player (when the player suspended, the points are treated as the largest and try not to burst, such as A +nine to twenty, A +four +eight to thirteen, A +three + A as fifteen)
Non-Blackjack players choose Hit, Stand, Double, Split, or Surrender, and the dealer wins half of the bets; if you choose to play, the follow-up only Can choose to take license or suspension. During the deal, if the sum of the player's card points exceeds twenty one, the player loses - called Bust - and the dealer wins the bet (regardless of the number of points after the dealer). If the player does not explode and decides to stop playing (suspension or double because of surrender), then the next non-Blackjack player's turn

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