Sinulog 2018

The Sinulog 2018 App is your must have companion as you move through the millions of devotees and revelers during the grandest festival in the Philippines -- Cebu's Sinulog festival.

The Sinulog 2018 App provides you with the information you need to enjoy a festival that celebrates the birth of Christianity in South East Asia. The festival combines both East and West as it celebrates a native dance of worship called the Sinulog which is dedicated to Senyor Santo NiƱo, the Holy Child Jesus of the Christian world. 

This meeting of East and West dates back to the historic 1521 circumnavigation of the world by the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan.

Aside from the festival's devotion and socio-cultural events, this digital Sinulog pal provides a list of Sinulog parade contingents, links you to the Sinulog online ticket store, and guides you where to eat, have fun, and party. But one significant feature of Sinulog 2018 is the selection of the Festival Queen. 

You must have the Sinulog 2018 App to vote for your favorite Sinulog Festival Queen.  Download the Sinulog 2018 App to vote in the special pageant category -- "Festival Queen App Users' Choice"

Download the app NOW. Pit Senyor!

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