Guess the Picture - Vegetables

Can you guess the hidden picture? Reveal the picture one block at a time and take a guess.

Tap the tiles to reveal hidden squares from the picture. As soon as you think you know what it is, take a guess! The less tiles you open - the more coins you get!

And since youĂ­ll probably get stuck a time or two and unable to guess the pic, make sure to use some of the hints to help you along the way.

How to play with hints?
1. By Default you will get 400 coins
2. Remove letters - Use 50 coins.
3. Show letters - Use 50 coins
4. More Reveals - Use 50 coins
5. Earn 50 coins by watching cool videos ads.
6. Enjoy 50+ interesting levels of  Guess the Picture - Vegetables Game.

So what are you waiting for? Just Guess The Vegetables! 
Download free today!

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2018-01-13 02:21:23
Version: 1.0
Seller: Nirav Alagiya
Size: 13.19 MB