Tourist Tracker

Tourist Tracker is a system and method for providing tourist tracking on a Mobile Device.  It is a 'cross platform hybrid' application used by three main users and is managed using three separate Tourist Tracker Applications.  The three main users of the mobile application are Buses, Directors, and Tourists.  Tourist Tracker for the Bus will be the application that is installed on a static device kept permanently on the touring vehicle, it will include the following features: add/edit and register bus details, 'check in' option to allow the tourists to check in and check out, and track bus option allowing the users to track the location of the Bus.  The Tourist Tracker for Touring Director is a mobile application installed on the director's device, it will include the following features: current weather conditions for excursion, notifications and alerts received or sent, updates on 'special needs' for particular tourists on excursion,  create excursion, view and give directions to bus and to bus director. Tourist Tracker for Tourists is the mobile application installed on the tourists' mobile devices (loaned and provided by the director, or personally owned) it will include the following features: current weather information for excursion, 'special need' information to director's attention when required, join an excursion, view nearby touring location and recommended restaurants for example, alerts and notifications from the director, camera photos and excursion gallery, contact the director, and get bus directions. Pop up notifications when excursion concluded, will inform tourists to ck on their belongings before departure, and request answers to five survey questions to be auto-emailed to program director of cruise line or land tour company.

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Released: 2018-02-09 23:32:24
Version: 1.0
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