Use Moku:Updater to update Moku:Lab devices with old firmware (pre-version 1.5) to work with the latest Moku:Lab app.

Moku:Lab is a revolutionary all-in-one test and measurement device for professional scientists and engineers. Moku:Lab comes with 10 professional-grade instruments:

• Oscilloscope
• Spectrum analyzer
• Waveform generator
• Phasemeter
• Data logger
• Lock-in amplifier
• PID controller
• Bode analyzer
• Digital filter box
• Arbitrary waveform generator

with many more instruments coming soon. With high-speed analog inputs and outputs combined with reconfigurable FPGA hardware, the digital signal-processing capabilities are virtually limitless.

The Moku:Lab app for iPad communicates wirelessly with your device and is mission control for all of your Moku instruments. Each instrument features an intuitive multi-touch user interface, thoughtfully designed and meticulously optimized for iPad. Stream data and control your experiment in real time as you move around the lab. Connect to Dropbox, iCloud or email to instantly save your data and share your breakthroughs with colleagues or friends.

Try out the app in demo mode to interact with simulated signals and experience the innovative iPad interface.

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Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2018-02-13 23:57:01
Version: 1.6
Seller: Liquid Instruments Pty Ltd
Size: 149.93 MB