Math Puzzles Pro

Math Puzzles Pro is a fun, simple math game that anyone can play. It has four difficulty levels, so players of every age can challenge themselves just enough. It has free, unlimited Solutions, so if you're having trouble with a puzzle, you can figure out how to solve it – then play it over again and again! It's beautifully designed; it even has eleven beautiful colored backgrounds for different screens in the app. It helps you sharpen your math skills in a really fun way. And it's so entertaining you'll be playing it for hours. Get Math Puzzles Pro today!

All Math Puzzles consist of a 3 by 3 grid with numbers, operations, and a target number. You swipe on the screen to move a blue circle around the Puzzle, seeing your result number update as you go. For example, if you started on a 2 and swiped right to a 4, and the operation between the numbers was addition, your result would be 6. Once your result equals your target number, you win!

Math Puzzles Pro has four levels – Easy, Moderate, Challenging, and Slimpossible. Easy is the best place to start if you're new to Math Puzzles. Moderate will challenge you a bit more. If you've already mastered Moderate, Challenging gets harder still. And no game is complete without a Slimpossible level to challenge even the most clever of minds. With all these levels, anyone can play Math Puzzles Pro – from the newest players to the most experienced.

Math Puzzles Pro is the first game to offer free, unlimited Solutions to all its players, forever! Games are supposed to be fun, not frustrating. So if you're having trouble with a Math Puzzle, you can click the "Get a Solution" button and discover your path to victory right away! And because most Math Puzzles have more than one solution, after you use a solution you can play the Puzzle over again and again to hunt down all the solutions!

When I was building Math Puzzles Pro, one of the things on which I focused the most was design. I created eleven colored backgrounds for screens in the app. Seven of them make up the background of the main screen (you can switch between them by clicking the "Change Color" button) and the rest make up all the other screens in the app. I also designed all the buttons you'll see when you play. I think you'll find Math Puzzles beautiful and easy to use.

Math Puzzles Pro is in a class all by itself. It combines a beautiful design and a wonderful concept for a game with a level for everyone and Solutions for anyone who needs them. Get it today and enjoy the wonders of a groundbreaking idea turned into a pioneering game.

Languages: EN
Released: 2018-03-20 07:00:00
Version: 1.0
Seller: David Sianez
Size: 58.84 MB