Keep the pixel inside the screen and collect the smaller pixels for points. Once all pixels are collected, return to the middle to activate second wave of pixels. Beware those triangles!

 - Hold your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch display upwards.
 - Tap the screen to begin and tilt your device to control the pixel.

You can use this as a water/spirit level when installing for example washing machine.
- Move the player to the middle of the screen
- As long as the player does not move, the surface (where you placed your device display upwards) is level.
- You can see from the movement where the device is tilted by the surface.
- Make sure that your device has a protective cover on the backside, as it needs to be flat before use.

 - Tilt your mobile device to control
 - Game and a utility in the same package
 - Use as water/spirit/bubble level
 - No touch screen gameplay
 - Mesmerising Soundtrack
 - Endless gameplay
 - Multiple Colours
 - Sound Effects
 - No ads
 - No in-app purchases


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Released: 2018-02-07 21:00:10
Version: 0.3
Seller: Juhapekka Piiroinen
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