Emoji Says™

Emoji Says brings the hottest, most addictive Emoji game to your smart phone and tablet devices. You’ll see all of your favorite Emoji’s and maybe not so favorite as you try and solve the Emoji puzzles that hit the crisp, beautifully designed and colored screen before you. There are multiple categories, multiple levels and multiple hours of fun!
It’s a race against the clock, for the quicker you can solve the puzzle, the more points you earn. Try and beat your high score or your friends each time you play. Solve the 5 puzzles for each level and work your way up from the easiest to the hardest levels. Type or use siri to submit your answer, but watch your countdown clock!
• HELPERS: If you’re running out of time, use one of your hints or skips.
• SPELL CHECK / WORD ASSIST: Use the spell check, word assist buttons to help you solve the puzzle quicker and earn more points.
• Siri: To make it quicker and max your points awarded, use the mic button and tell Siri.

Have fun and look for more puzzles and additional upgrades coming with fun stuff where you can play against your friends.

iPhone 4s or newer (recommend 5 or above). iPad coming soon.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2016-04-28 17:40:44
Version: 1.0
Seller: 5 Elements Entertainment
Size: 45.83 MB

Kau Cim Chinese Fortune Sticks

Gain insightful clarity with Kau Cim, the Chinese Fortunes Sticks. Are you having trouble with your love life, money, or health? Ask the sticks to guide you in your daily and life endeavors, All you need to do is think of your question and ask the sticks to reveal your fortune.

The Tao, which translates to The Path or The Way, has flourished in the East for thousands of years. As a practice that espouses our oneness/connectedness with nature,it is no wonder that a divinity practice that uses the natural energy of ones mind like “Kau Cim” would form.


Price: $0.99
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-12-09 08:00:00
Version: 1.0
Seller: 5 Elements Entertainment
Size: 16.31 MB



只可使用於 iPhone 3S 或以上!


在中國, 風水指南針也稱為羅盤, 擁有宇宙奧秘之意。

五行娛樂有限公司的風水指南針幫助你判定方位,利用陰陽之氣來提高你的運程。簡單地啟動程應用程序, 按在左下角的信息鈕來閱讀使用手冊幫助你找 ”坐方” 和 ”面向方” 。

下一步, 數讀多次方向來確定你的 ”面向方” 。


八卦幫助你在家放置適當物件來催吉避凶. 雖然這聽起來很複雜, 基本來說是相當簡單,門外漢會可以發現各種各樣的網上資源來協助他們。



Price: $0.99
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-09-26 07:00:00
Updated: 2010-11-25 00:24:25
Version: 1.2
Seller: 5 Elements Entertainment
Size: 3.11 MB

5 Elements Feng Shui Compass

For 3GS iPhones only.

Call upon the laws of Heaven and Earth to channel positive chi into your home and improve your life.

In China, the Feng Shui compass is also known as Luo-Pan, which translates roughly into “a bowl containing all of the mysteries of the universe.”

The 5 Elements Feng Shui Compass helps you align any location with the forces of yin and yang. Simply call up the application and press the “info” button to find advice on finding the “sitting” or “facing” direction of your dwelling (often where your main door is).

Next, take several reading to determine your facing direction.

Finally, use the readings to determine the “Bagua” or energy map of your home.

Your Bagua will help you determine the floor plan of your home to avoid negative energy and bring in positive energy. Although this may sound complicated, the basics are quite simple and the uninitiated will find a variety of online resources to assist them.

Who knows? Learning a few simple rules and utilizing the 5 Elements Feng Shui Compass might just change your life.

For iPhone 3GS and above only.


Price: $0.99
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-09-18 18:12:25
Updated: 2010-12-20 21:00:24
Version: 1.2
Seller: 5 Elements Entertainment
Size: 3.12 MB

Pitching Woo (The Adorably Amorous Pet Name Generator For Lovers)

Romantic nicknames are an important
part of the language of love.
With over 1.2 million possible combinations,
Pitching Woo will help you find the perfect name
for your special someone. Pressing on the
blue “boy” symbol creates names for him,
and pressing on the pink “girl” symbol does
the same for her. Press the camera button
to save a screenshot of your favorite
nicknames to your photo gallery. You
can then send it to your Little Honey
Wuggle the same way you would
any picture.


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-03-31 23:08:44
Updated: 2011-02-25 20:26:12
Version: 1.2
Seller: 5 Elements Entertainment
Size: 4.40 MB