Runster Music

Runster Music is a music app designed for modern runners and running enthusiasts, which lets you select the music on your iPhone or iPod to give you the perfect rhythm for your run and to help improve your performance during training.

Do you want to run a half marathon in record time? Do you struggle to maintain a steady pace? When you’re tired do you slow down?

Just follow the rhythm of the music with Runster Music and you’ll find that you need less effort to achieve your goals and to keep up with your training program.

Check out the app, join the Community and you too can become a Runster!

Just set up your physical profile, scan the music in your library, set yourself a target, and … run!

For each training session, choosing the different modes available will give you a selection of music appropriate to your run. Following the rhythm of the music, you’ll be able to maintain your selected speed throughout your workout. In addition, with the user-friendly, intuitive player you’ll be able to control your music freely during your run.

To get started, simply enter your physical characteristics: height, weight, sex and age. Through the use of a customised algorithm designed to analyze your physical profile, Runster Music is able to adapt perfectly to each exercise type that you would like to carry out.

Runster Music will do a scan of the music on your iPhone / iPod and categorise each song according to bpm (beats per minute), which identifies the rhythm of the music. You can choose from different scanning modes:

⁃ SCAN ALL (Scans all the music stored on your device)
⁃ SELECT SONGS (Select individual songs)
⁃ SELECT GENRES (Select music by genre)

You can choose the type of workout that best suits your profile:

⁃ FAST WALK (up to 6km/h – 10:00 min/Km)
⁃ BEGINNER (up to 8km/h – 8:00 min/Km)
⁃ ADVANCED (up to 10km/h – 6:00 min/Km)
⁃ SEMI-PRO (up to 12km/h – 5:00 min/Km)
⁃ PRO (up to 13km/h – 4:30 min/Km)
⁃ CHAMPION (up to 15km/h – 4:00 min/Km)

Depending on your selected training speed, the algorithm of Runster Music will select from your music library only songs with the perfect rhythm (calculated in beats per minute), and create a playlist for you that will help you keep to the correct speed and improve your results.

With a simple design and intuitive interface you will easily be able to control both your training and your music, guaranteeing a unique interactive experience.

Runster Music is based on the relation between the rhythm of the music (expressed in bpm, beats per minute) and your running pace: with each beat of the music corresponding to a single step. The higher the beat of the music, the faster your running pace.

Runster Music does not use an accelerometer, which simply fits the music to the speed of the runner (using the music passively), but instead it pushes you to maintain the pace of your run in order to improve your performance (using the music actively), with amazing results.

Runster Music is fully compatible with all other Apps for running, and will work smoothly alongside them.…/id1092464518?mt=8&uo=4

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Numeri Utili è un’applicazione semplice e immediata che ci offre la possibilità di effettuare chiamate di emergenza, in maniera molto rapida ed immediata.

Non sempre ricordiamo quei numeri telefonici che ci servono per contattare autorità o servizi specifici del nostro paese e in alcuni casi la rapidità di chiamata è un fattore fondamentale.

Con questa applicazione, non avremo più problemi, poiché con un semplice gesto potremo avere sempre a portata di mano i numeri che ci servono.

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123Calcolo is a simple accounting application that allows you to immediately calculate withholding tax, VAT and sales savings.

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With the sales tool you can insert the original price of the product and then calculate the discount with the easy-to-use slider.

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