SonoPass – Ultrasound Physics-Vascular-Mock Exams

SONOPASS – Pass your ARDMS exams the 1st time!

Ultrasound Physics, Vascular Technology, Normal Measurements and Mock Exam Questions Test questions in one app! And the best part is that this is a community app for all ARDMS studying individuals where we can all pitch in and help each other pass these tests the first time! Our goal is to have thousands of questions/answers and this app will let you choose how many questions you want on your exam/practice! Simply take practice tests that alert you with sound effects for both wrong and correct. Plus our app and questions are SMART questions meaning, that all of our questions and answers are both in random orders, so you will never start a test with the same question and the answers are constantly shuffled, which will make you sharper on learning the answers!

Our app provides startup questions for each category of Ultrasound Physics, Vascular Technology, Normal Measurements and more. Want more questions? No problem! Anyone who purchases this app can add their own questions/answers/images to our website. Need corrections to an existing question? No problem! Since all of our questions are in the SONOPASS Cloud, you simply notify us via our website and let us know which QUESTION # needs correcting and we will have the question corrected in minutes. Then you simply tap on the UPDATE QUESTIONS button inside our app and you have all new corrected questions!

Unlimited questions? Yes! For example, if a medical student anywhere in the world wants to add 20 more questions Ultrasound Physics category to help them study better, they simply go to our website, login and add as many questions/answers/images they like. Then the next time you go into our app, simply click the Update Questions button and presto! You will have these brand new questions and answers as well!
An internet connection is only needed to download new and updated questions and answers. So imagine if 100 individuals add only 2 questions each, you will have 200 more questions/answers to study from! By working together can help you study better and pass the ARDMS exam the very first time! Also, all questions added from our website are reviewed and approved before you can download them. What makes SONOPASS apps even better? As you are probably already aware, many apps have the same answers in the same order for a particular question. No real learning there! But with SONOPASS, when you take any of our tests, the answers for every question are changed every time, so choice A, choice B, choice C and choice D will always be different for the same question if you re-take any of our tests! This will make you really learn the answer for a particular question.

Plus SONOPASS allows you to MAKE YOUR OWN MOCK EXAM from our questions. Create your username and password inside our app. Then login at, select all your questions that you want to be tested on, from 1 question to a thousand questions, run our app and download and presto, you can take a practice mock exam with only the questions you have selected!

SONOPASS – Pass your ARDMS exams the 1st time!

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**Information for this application is from the following books/website:**

Images used in the artifact section of this application are from

Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography(6th Edition) Pellerito
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Sonography Principles and Instruments( 9th Edition ) Fredrick W. Kremkau.
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Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation(5th Edition) by Frank Miele
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Spider Web Shooter

Spider Web Shooter is a new Apple Watch app will make your kids the envy of every parent! Shoot spider web in two modes, MANUAL and AUTO. MANUAL MODE allows you to keep tapping on your Apple watch to shoot the animated web. AUTO MODE allows your web to continuously shoot spider web!

Also, on the main iPhone screen, you can tap the play button to here the web shooting sound so if you are in AUTO MODE for example you can continually tap on the PLAY button to hear the spider web sound effect on your iPhone! You have 2 choices, Tap the PLAY button on the iPhone for web sound being played once. Tap the PLAY ( continuous) button to continually play the web shooting sound every second. The stop button will appear so you can stop the continuous sound from being played.

Also check out our original iPhone App: Web Shooter…/id982105799?mt=8&uo=4

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Time Circuits Dashboard Clock

1.21 JIGAWATTS! Welcome time travelers! Fluxy88 is proud to present the Time Circuits Dashboard Clock application that emulates the Time Circuits LED control panel from the DeLorean Time Machine car that was in the “Back To The Future” movie!

Features of app:
– A real digital clock
– Beautiful Time Circuit display with custom graphics
– Full featured real time GPS speedometer
– Post your Time Circuit screen to Facebook
– Change any of the times remotely by creating an account inside app and then you can login to to have the app update from the internet!
– Flux Capacitor Mode
– Flux Capacitor Full Screen Mode

Time Displays included are:

You can change any of these times by tapping on the the LABELS. For example, when you tap on the label “DESTINATION TIME”, a popup window is displayed where you can tap the digits of the time you desire. Enter numbers like this: 08 for August, 05 for the fifth day of the month. All numbers must be two digits, 1 is 01, 9 is 09.

To change the dates remotely, do this:
-Create your free account inside the app. Then visit and select App Login. Change times at our website, then in the settings screen on main screen inside the app, and make sure the UPDATE TIMES FROM FLUXY88.COM is selected. Then every 60 seconds, the times on the app will be updated from the internet! You can use this option to change the dashboard to someones birth day date, anniversary, etc! all on the fly!

The speedometer and remotely changing the times are available via in app purchases.

Contact us at with any questions you may have!

Enjoy time travelers and we hope to see you in the FUTURE!…/id928567390?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2015-02-13 23:01:36
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Electric Car DTH

Electric Car DTH – Distance To Home
Finally a simple way for Electric car owners ( or anyone with a car,bike,motorcycle, truck etc!) to see how far they are from their house. With an electric car, you are always concerned how many miles/km from where you are to your house or home location. Now Just load the app and presto! you can see how many miles you are from your house without going into a map, or in car navigation, etc. Then when you look on your electric cars dashboard, you will see how much range you have left and compare it to how many miles you have to go home. Our app will quickly give you instant results even while driving!
– Constantly shows miles/km from your home location on main screen in big easy digital numbers
– Switch between Miles and Kilometers
– Show current latitude and longitude on main screen
– Instant distance when you load the app

1. When you are at home, load app and tap on the home button at main screen to set your current location. In this new screen, tap on the GPS switch to turn it on and get your current home location.
2. Select between Miles or Kilometers.
3. Tap SAVE!

You only need to set your home location once. And now when you drive around you can simply load the app and it will show you the distance from where you are currently and from your house!

Another fine app by…/id925383737?mt=8&uo=4

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Pokey Collector

Welcome to the Pokey Collector universal app for iPhone and iPad! Now keep a digital copy of all your Pokemon cards safe and protected on your iPhone or iPad!

Now you can bring your entire collection of cards anywhere you take your iPhone/iPad and leave your precious cards at home in their protected book.

We give you 30 cards to help you add to your collection. If you do not have the sample cards we have provided, simply delete the cards you do not have or do not want.

Store an unlimited amount of cards on your device! And you can search by card name, hit points or even an element type! Sooo Cool!

Instructions on use:

To add Cards:
On Main screen, tap on the plus button. Take a photo of your card. We recommend taking the photo in portrait mode to fit as much as you can of the card. Then enter the card name, Hit points and their element. Tap on the save button!

To edit cards:
On Main screen, tap on the edit button to edit your information about that particular card.

To Delete cards:
On Main screen, tap on a card and the new window will have a delete button on the bottom. Tap to delete card.

To Search cards:
On Main Screen, type in just the first few letters of a card name, and then search.
You can search by card name, hit points and element type.

Carousel view:
On Main screen hit the bottom left button to switch between carousel views on how you like to view your cards!

YouTube Video Tutorial:

Another fine app by…/id881088884?mt=8&uo=4

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Warpy for Facebook

Warpy for Facebook allows you to warp or morph any photo and post your inner creative genius directly to Facebook in seconds. Using the new iOS6 built in Facebook integration, you simply tap the post to Facebook button and your image will be posted directly to Facebook!

Setup: On your device for iOS6, go into the settings function and make sure you have your Facebook account information setup.

– Select any photo in your albums or take a photo
– Warp the photo with your finger
– Magic Undo switch button:
OFF- you can warp any part of the image.
ON – unwarps any part of the image where your finger touches
– Post directly to Facebook
– Save to Photo album
– Email Photo

Video demo:

Warpy for Facebook by…/id569196525?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2014-08-01 17:04:04
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Web Shooter

Web Shooter for the iPhone! Now anyone can have amazing spider like super powers and shoot web ( or pretend to shoot spider web) from their iPhone!

Hours of fun for both adult and kids!

We have two modes:
Mode #1
You can strap your iPhone on your wrist and then use your other hand to ta the shoot button.

Mode #2
Simply put your iPhone in your hand and use your fingers to pretend to shoot web!

Fun sound effects!

In Mode #1, when you run out of web, you will have to tap the RECHARGE BUTTON , ( it will be pulsing) to replenish your web! You will also notice the GREEN led lights tell you how many charges you have. Every 5 shoots, one green led will stop lighting up. Once you are out of web, just tap on the recharge button to replenish!

Enter your name to customize the app so you when you recharge your web, your name will be on the fire button!

Tons of fun for kids of all ages!

Please see all of our apps at…/id541888974?mt=8&uo=4

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Premier Hot Tubs of Georgia

Premier Hot Tubs is proud to present our new iPhone App! Finally, a hot tub app that has the EXACT chemical list and maintenance schedule for all hot tub owners need to have!

It seems to be a mystery of what chemicals and when to apply them to your hot tub. Not any more! We tell you exactly what to do to keep your water perfectly balanced! And if you have questions or need chemicals, please call us to get the answers!

When people buy hot tubs, most are confused as to what chemicals to put in a hot tub and more importantly, when they should put the chemicals in their hot tub to keep the water clean and healthy.

With the Premier Hot Tubs App, we do this all for you and make it very simple.

– The most important feature, the EXACT time and chemicals needed to keep your hot tub sparkling clean! Every week, 3 months, 6 months, one year.
– One tap dial button. Call us immediately by tapping on the phone button.
– Save all your appointments to the iPhone’s built in Calendar! Now you will be reminded to change filters, use chemicals etc.
– Spa Manuals! No more hunting online! We have the manuals right here in side the app with a tap of a button.
– Order supplies and chemicals
– Contact us form. Have a problem? Need a part? Just take a photo of what you need and email us directly from your iPhone!
– MY SPA page – Always have your SPA information on hand so you can order parts or filters from anywhere!

The Premier Hot Tubs app is one of very few apps that will tell you exactly how to maintain your spa water perfectly for years to come!

Premier Hot Tubs
6225 Atlanta Highway
Alpharetta GA 30004
678-297-SPAS (7727) store number
678-297-7501 fax…/id537966956?mt=8&uo=4

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Version: 1.0
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eyeZer Beam

eyeZer Beam – Like Laser Beam, but using your eyes to be like lasers! Now you can take any photo you have, from your photo album or your camera and rotate it, resize it, using your fingers (both thumbs are easier to manipulate images) and some laser and special effects to really spice up your photos!

eyeZer Beam will give you hours of fun to give anyone super powers, like laser vision or even x-ray vision!

Here is a Youtube video link on a quick demo:

Step 1: Tap on camera button to get a new photo from your albums or camera.
Step 2: Add as many lasers and special effects as you like!
Step 3. Using your fingers or both thumbs, rotate, resize any of the images on screen, by using the pinch and squeeze methods.

Lock Button: To lock the main photo, tap on the lock button. To unlock, tap on the Lock button again. By locking the main photo, it makes it easier to manipulate the lasers and other effects.

Deleting individual lasers or effects: Tap on object and hold for a few seconds. A red X will appear. Tap red x to delete.

Save your photo to your photo album or email you photo!

We are already working on more effects too!

Please contact us at with any questions you may have!
Enjoy your new eyeZer vision with eyeZer Beam App!

Another fine app by…/id533900104?mt=8&uo=4

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Plastic Surgery by Dr. Marc DuPéré MD, CM, FRCSC

Dr. Marc DuPéré and the Visage Clinic proudly presents the Visage Clinic iPhone App with Appointment scheduler with history!

Considering plastic surgery? Download this free app to learn more about Dr. Marc DuPéré, a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Marc DuPéré and the Visage Clinic proudly presents the Visage Clinic iPhone App with Appointment Scheduler with history!

Now you can always be connected to your appointment book to log all your aesthetic services and the automatic reminder allows you to record an appointment reminder message for your next non-surgical treatment or your post surgery follow-up.

The Visage iPhone App also has a contact form where you can e-mail your questions or even a photo. We have included our video gallery that connects you to our website

There is also a contact form where you can e-mail your questions and concerns as well as having the option of emailing us a high quality photo too!

We have included our video gallery that connect to our website,

Features include:
Appointment Scheduler with history
– 2 Appointment reminders are set for each appointment. 24 hours before appointment and then 1 hour before appointment. You just add your appointments as usual, we take care of everything else!
– Added Notes feature! Going to Doctors office and want to remind yourself which questions to ask the doctor? Now you can with our notes feature!
Non-surgical procedures
Surgical procedures
Facebook link
Twitter link
One tap phone call –call us with just one tap of a button
Map – directions to Visage Clinic right to your iPhone from anywhere you are.

Please visit

Dr. Marc DuPéré was originally trained at the prestigious McGill University Faculty of Medicine from 1991 to 1996, in Montréal. Trilingual (French, English & Portuguese), he then attended the world renowned University of Toronto where he completed his Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Plastic Surgery.
F. M. Woolhouse Clinical Research Award Awarded to the best clinical study presented by a plastic surgical resident. “Disability and quality of life […] using the DASH and SF-36”. 2001. Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Jasper, Alberta
A.W. Harrison Resident Teaching Award Awarded to the surgical resident voted by the medical students to be the best teacher – all surgical services 1999. Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Centre, Toronto
Best Clinical Paper – Residents’ Research Day “The use of intraoperative somatosensory evoked potentials in the diagnosis of nerve root avulsion in obstetrical brachial plexus palsy” 1999. University of Toronto, Department of Plastic Surgery
Annual Clinical Research Competition – All Surgical Services – 3rd prize “The use of intraoperative somatosensory evoked potentials in the diagnosis of nerve root avulsion in obstetrical brachial plexus palsy” 1999. Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.
Wood Gold Medal Awarded to the graduating student with the most outstanding clinical performance achieved in the Clerkship period. 1996. Faculty of Medicine, McGill University.
Campbell Keenan Memorial Prize in Clinical Surgery Awarded to the graduating student with the highest proficiency in Clinical Surgery. 1996. Faculty of Medicine, McGill University.…/id530543147?mt=8&uo=4

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