Weight Loss Success Stories – with Effective Exercise and Healthy Foods

Want to lose weight? Get inspired to succeed!
See true stories of people who were fat and are now fit
– 25+ stories of amazing weight loss success
– Key tips for faster fat loss with healthy diet and exercise
– Inspirational goodies for progress on your journey
– Best fashion styles to look slimmer while losing weight
– Grassroots comments along the weight loss journey
– Tools for tracking your progress

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This content is presented for inspirational purposes only. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this application.


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Aquarius Zodiac Sign – Astrology, Love, Compatibility, Tips

Get the expert scoop on Aquarius in love and life
– See the best video horoscopes
– Go beyond the Sun sign to learn more
– How to attract an Aquarian
– What fashion styles suit them?
– What do famous Aquas say about love?
– Who are the super Aquarians?
– and much, much more!

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Icons are from http://ikons.piotrkwiatkowski.co.uk and the first screen images are from Scott Cresswell’s Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/scott-s_photos/11763686274/


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FreeStyle Fashion App: Shopping at Online Stores (plus Coupon Codes)

Are you looking to shop online for the most attractive clothing? This app provides a doorway to leading fashion retailers and designers. You can choose from tens of thousands of items.

See a beautiful selection of clothing and accessories in all price categories. Expect free shipping on most items.

Browse dresses, pants, leggings, tops, coats, shoes, bags and jewelry or search by name, price or keywords of your choice. Get the best discounts on the most trendy and fashionable items! Use the coupon and promo codes featured in this app.

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The Best App for clothes!!!
Awesome so convenient and easy!

User-Friendly and Convenient

Great app
Great app to check out new outfits and accessories. I like to see new fashions…I spend hours at a time on this app. I love it.

Almost perfect app
This app is great for shopping on your iphone. It’s exactly what I was looking for…

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Lose Weight – Visual Motivation for Men

This app is a great way to see your weight loss in a visual way.

See your virtual-you get slimmer and fitter each time you lose a few pounds.

You will customize this avatar with your own height, weight, your ideal goal weight, and heaviest weight. Your avatar is based on BMI calculations. So he will look different for you than for other males who are different heights but who weigh the same.

You can add your data in pounds or kilograms, inches or centimeters (and quickly convert between them).

Choose your skin, hair, clothing and background colors. And record your daily weight to keep track of your progress.

Start losing weight and have fun seeing your visual progress and success. Download this inspirational app now!


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Jewelry Shopping App – Shop at the Best Online Stores

Are you looking to buy the best jewelry? Whether it’s the most dazzling ring or a simple leather bracelet — you will find it here.

This app provides a doorway to over a dozen leading online jewelers. You can choose from thousands of items. Featured retailers include Body Candy, Gemvara, Jewels for Me, My Jewelry Box, SuperJeweler and Swarovski.

– Expect free shipping on most items.

– See a large selection of beautiful bling you can buy for under $30.

– Get huge savings on stunning diamond jewelry.

– What price range do you have in mind? And are you looking for rings, necklaces, bracelets, body jewelry, charms or earrings?

– Your browsing and shopping will be delightful and easy.

Download this free app and start your shopping now!


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Photography 101 (Free Tutorials)

Want to learn how to take terrific photos? This app is a great introduction to photography basics. You will learn the abc’s of depth of field, framing, lighting and composition with a few fun surprises in the mix.

If you are a budding photographer, or if you want to improve your skill with the camera, this free app is for you. There are over 12+ excellent video tutorials within the app. You’ll also get balanced reviews of the iPhone 4 Camera, Canon Rebel T3i and T3 cameras.

You’ll need to be connected to the internet to view these videos.

Download the free app now and learn how to easily take great photos!


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How to Draw – Free Drawing Lessons

Enjoy learning to draw with these easy tutorials.
– Learn to draw faces, doodles, cartoon characters
– See how to draw the human body
– Learn to draw stick figures in action
– Have fun drawing flowers
– Draw street scenes
– Learn pencil drawing techniques and tips

It’s free and fun. Simple instructions for beginner kid drawings as well as more advanced tips for teens and adults. Download and start drawing now!


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New Car Models (2013 and 2014 Cars)

This app features many of the best new car models for 2013 and 2014.
Check out the video previews from;

– Acura
– Aston Martin
– Audi
– Bugatti
– Cadillac
– Chevrolet
– Chrysler
– Ford
– Honda
– Hyundai
– Infinity
– Jaguar
– Lamborghini
– Maserati
– Mazda
– Mercedes-Benz
– Mitsubishi
– Nissan
– Pagani
– Peugeot
– Porsche
– Scion
– Tesla
– Toyota
– Volkswagen
– Volvo

You’ll need to be connected to the internet to use this app. Thanks much to damianmorysfotos at Flickr for the icon photo.

This app is inspiring and free. Download and see the latest car models now!


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Baby Care: Tips and Ideas for the First Year

This app features the best videos to help you with ideas and advice for the first year with your baby.

* First year milestones, when will my baby sit, crawl and walk?

* Advice to new mothers, from experienced mothers who wished they had this advice

* Get some great nursery room decor ideas

* See very attractive maternity clothes

* All about the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding

* How to secure and comfort your baby in a wrap or sling

* Beautiful baby photography ideas

* Being a new mom can be lonely; how to find mom friends

* How to make easy, super-nutritious baby food

* And for comic relief, see dozens of babies eating lemons for the first time

This free app requires an internet connection. Hope you enjoy!


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Pet Supplies App – Shop at Online Stores (with Coupon Codes)

Find the pet supplies you need. Relax while shopping from your home. Get your treats shipped within a couple of days! Here you will find the lowest prices (plus coupon savings) and a complete selection of healthy brands. Featured stores include Petco, PetFoodDirect and Only Natural Pet.

Thanks for your kind reviews;

Awesome (five stars)
by Fashion is cool fashion is you
Very good and easy to use!!!!

Dog Shopping (five stars)
by Jenny Kok
love it

Awesomeness (five stars)
by Yelly3113
I love this app it finds everything I am looking for, for all my pets.

We hope you enjoy your shopping for healthy foods and the best of pet supplies.

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